In addition to our Italian style blends, feel free to experiment with our Single Origins and Blends to make a distinct espresso with an additional layer of verve and intrigue.

Espresso Di Carlo

Cupping notes : Meyer lemon, Brazil nut, Cocoa finish
Roast level : Medium-light

Espresso Di Carlo is a well structured and sweetly balanced blend composed of Central and South American coffees. Lighter bodied than our more traditional espresso blends; the underpinning nut-toned, cocoa flavors are highlighted by sweet citrus fruit and a zesty finish. It’s kind of like sunshine in cup with a spoonful of sugar.

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Gold Medal Espresso Blend

Gold Medal Espresso Blend was honored four years in a row at the prestigious Chefs in America competition for its exceptional flavor and aromatics. Composed of Central and South American coffees, Gold Medal’s rich flavor, stunning aroma and sweet, resonant finish is a delightful complement to a perfect meal and a fine companion to a rich dessert.

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Neapolitan Espresso

Cupping notes : Bittersweet chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel candy
Roast level : Medium-dark

Surrounded by the sights and smells of the region during his youth, Mr. Espresso’s founder, Carlo Di Ruocco, set out to master the art and science behind coffee roasting and blending of classic espressos true to the region. We believe he did just that, and today Mr. Espresso is proud to offer Carlo’s interpretation of a timeless classic. True to its roots, Neapolitan Espresso is sure to delight the senses whether it is prepared at home with a stove-top “Caffettiera Napoletana” or expertly crafted at your neighborhood espresso bar.

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Organic Golden Gate Espresso

Fair Trade/Organic

Cupping notes : Sweet Chocolate, Sweet Caramel, Fruit toned acidity
Roast level : Medium-light

Originally created as the companion to our Golden Gate House Blend, this espresso has a sweet chocolate flavor complimented by notes of fruit and caramel along with a well balanced acidity. It is a harmonious blend of Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees.

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Organic Neapolitan Espresso

Fair Trade/Organic

Cupping notes : Rich chocolate, Praline, Toffee
Roast level : Medium

Our goal with Organic Neapolitan was to create an espresso blend that contained similar attributes as our conventional Neapolitan using only coffees that are Fair Trade certified and grown without the use of agrichemicals. Complex, intense and rich in both flavor and aroma, Organic Neapolitan Espresso is the perfect balance of taste and social responsibility.

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Organic Decaffeinated Espresso

Fair Trade/Organic/Water Processed

Cupping notes : Cocoa-caramel, Fruit-tones, bold body
Roast level : Medium

The challenge in creating a blend that reflects the ideal characteristics of a truly delicious espresso is too often compounded by the availability and quality of the decaffeinated coffees on the market. Organic Decaffeinated Espresso is a challenge met. Thick, golden crema and cocoa-caramel aromatics that follow into the cup with distinct, yet subtle fruit notes. Perfectly balanced in milk drinks and alive with flavor as a straight shot.

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Decaffeinated Espresso

Water Processed

Cupping notes : Rich, Licorice, Caramel
Roast level : Medium

If you are anything like us, the urge for an espresso can hit you at just about anytime day or night. With this in mind, we searched out and found the decaffeinated coffee dreams are made of (or at least allows for the sleep to dream). The rich golden crema, syrupy mouthfeel and flavors of licorice and caramel might just change your mind about how good a decaf can be. This is the perfect blend to pair with a dessert, or as one. Feel the freedom to indulge.

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