Mr. Espresso continues to be the Di Ruocco homestead. Carlo and Marie-Francoise can now easily find that elusive espresso with the depth of flavor and quality of their favorite brews while Laurence, John, Luigi and Alex continue to explore.

Carlo Di Ruocco
President, CEO

Marie-Francoise Di Ruocco
Chief Financial Officer and Accounts Payable

John Di Ruocco
Green Coffee Buyer and Quality Control Supervisor

Luigi Di Ruocco
Vice President of Sales and Director of Marketing

Laurence (Laura) Zambrano
Office Administration and Receivables Supervisor

Alex Zambrano
Equipment Buyer and Director of Warehouse Operations


Sales Team

André Larouche
Northern California Sales and Business Development 

Steve Grossman
Northern California Sales and Business Development 

John Whalen
Northern California Sales and Business Development 

Francesca Morabito 
Pacific Northwest Sales and Business Development