Faema’s Auto Steam Milk4™: Perfect every time!

As an authorized Faema representative, we love to talk about how their new technologies can raise the bar for your espresso service. The new Auto Steam Milk4 feature is one that is already transforming coffee programs!

It’s designed for every barista—from novice to expert. Here is why this technology truly is…a better way for preparing espresso drinks!

Faema Mr Espresso

Auto Steam4™ brings the ease of automated steaming to the manual art of espresso drinks.

The difference lies in the cutting edge steam wand. It dispenses steam mixed with air, as with the standard Auto Steam™.

But this latest upgrade also allows for total control of milk quantity, temperature and texture at the touch of a button. Results are based on 4 programmable preset preferences controlled through the touch pad to the left of the wand.

  • Your novice barista simply places the milk pitcher under the wand and selects the desired preset. The resulting milk cream is dense and of consistent quality—every time! The learning curve for milk frothing is virtually gone!
  • Your seasoned barista puts the pitcher in place for milk steaming. For them, the wand is like another pair of hands—it frees them up to create latte art or prepare another espresso. Your service quality and efficiency gets an instant boost!

Perfect milk—hands free—at the touch of a button!!!  


Click here to see Auto Steam in action!





Auto Steam4™ is a FEATURED OPTION on                        FAEMA’S LATEST TEOREMA & EMBLEMA MODELS—                and the ALL-NEW E71

These machines are designed with all the latest technologies—as well as the tradition of quality that Faema is known for:

faema mr espresso THERMAL FLEXIBILITY

In addition to the optional AutoSteam4 feature, both the Teorema and Emblema espresso machines are equipped with Faema’s Thermal Balancing System™, allowing for precise temperature calibration on each group (brewer) independently.



POWER & EFFICIENCYfaema mr espresso

Both machines also feature Faema’s Smart Boiler Technology™, which greatly increases hot water and steam capacities, while ensuring greater thermal stability at the group head. The result is consistent espresso quality even during your peak service rushes.

At the same time, this boiler offers energy savings of 21% due to special insulation materials that reduce daily heat loss and overhead costs.


With 40 years in the business, we are always ready to help you find the right equipment to best suit your needs. Give us a call at 510-287-5200 or contact us at info@mrespresso.com.

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