FAEMA E71 Takes Your Coffee Program to the Next Level

The FAEMA E71 is on its way and we are ready!

With nearly 40 years of espresso machine sales and service, we’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of the espresso machine. When our father started importing machines from Italy, FAEMA’s E61  (introduced in 1961) had already established Italy as the gold standard for coffee. We see FAEMA as “striking gold”, again, with their new flagship machine —  the E71. The E71 incorporates cutting-edge technology while staying true to FAEMA’s 71 years of espresso tradition. For any restaurant, cafe or other business looking to take their coffee service to the next level, the versatility, efficiency and intelligence in the E71 will deliver.

Watch it in action and you will know that FAEMA has another game changer.

We are obsessed with everything that sets this machine apart. But we particularly like the way this espresso machine is designed to support the skill level of your barista—whether novice, expert or anywhere in between. Perfect drinks every time!  

Here’s a deeper look at the Faema E71—

* Iconic Italian design by Giugiaro Design is combined with FAEMA patented technologies, traditional features and ergonomic detail.

* Dual Delivery Management gives every barista the choice of operation on each group: manual, digital controlor a combination of the two.

  • The lever (manual) operation allows full control of pre-infusion, volumetrics and extraction. The profile for the perfect shot created “on the fly” can be easily be stored digitally for precise repetition. For a single cup or for every cup.Faema E71 Lever
  • Alternatively, the barista can choose full digital mode via in-house programming of touchscreen presets. These are customized by your crew to best serve the preferences of your clientele.
  • Novice baristas can build confidence with the “self-learning” mode: each touchscreen button can be programmed while running the coffee brewing cycle manually.
  • The fully programmable digital controls insure a perfect shot every time.Faema E71 Touch Screen


* The GTi Thermal System guarantees high-precision infusion, and perfect coffee brew-time and temperature regulation. The system allows each group-head to be controlled independently, including, temperature and duration of every extraction stage.

  • Brewing time duration can be set on the touchscreen or manually with the lever.Faema E71 Group


* Cold-touch insulated, non-stick steam wands mean barista safety and ease of cleaning.

* Barista lights illuminate the work area.

* A separate Auto Steam Milk4 wand offers push button control of temperature and emulsion, based on up to four barista preset preferences.

  • For a skilled barista faced with peak demand, the hands-free capability of this second steam wand is like a second pair of hands!Faema E71 Digital

* The Smart Boiler increases steam output and thermal stability. Additional boilers are dedicated to hot water and steam. The hot water can be dispensed at three user-settable temperatures, and the steam actuator has 50 percent and 100 percent steps that are easy for the barista to slide into.

* Energy savings are 40% over standard models.

*Portafilter baskets are engineered with calibrated, conical filter holes and electronically polished surfaces in an effort to maximize hygiene and the smooth sliding of lipids and fluids while minimizing blockages.

* And, of course, the E71 is “wired”. Wi-fi enabled, this machine has technology to deliver diagnostics and stats right to your laptop or other mobile device. Bluetooth allows the machine to communicate with PGS (Perfect Grind System) enabled grinders that adjust the grind automatically based on machine settings and monitored performance during shots.

For a demonstration, contact us, your authorized FAEMA sales and service representative. We can discuss how the E71 can be the answer for your coffee program.


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