Mr. Espresso’s Iced Coffee Recipe

Summer time is approaching in the Bay Area, so is the demand for iced coffee drinks. With that, we thought it the perfect time to share some information on how to perfect the “cold brew” process.

Cold Brew: Step-by-Step*

*Note – the following instructions are based upon using eighteen (18) quarts of water with five (5) pounds of coffee. Water and coffee amounts will vary based upon your desired batch size.

Getting Equipped…

– A large, plastic bucket (preferably one that will hold at least 18 quarts of water)

Mr Espresso Cold Brew

Lining up the supplies.

– A mesh filter bag or cheese cloth-like bag
– Paper filters (size of filter will depend on the size of the plastic bucket you use)
– Five (5) pounds of ground coffee (French press grind)
– One (1) large wooden kitchen spoon
– One (1) foot of string





The Cold Brewing Process…

  1. Secure the mesh filter bag into the plastic bucket. Make sure it is snug around the perimeter.
  2. Put the paper filter inside of the mesh filter bag.
  3. Pour the ground coffee directly into the paper filter.


mr espresso cold brew

Placing both the mesh and paper filters into the plastic bucket.

  Now the Fun Begins…

1. Pour six (6) quarts of cold water into the filter making sure to saturate all of the coffee grounds.
2. Take the wooden spoon and thoroughly stir the wetted grounds. Be careful not to tear or puncture the paper filter.
3. Tie the paper coffee filter closed with the saturated grounds inside.
4. Pour another six (6) quarts of water over the closed paper filter in order to saturate the top.
5. Close/tie the mesh filter bag with the closed paper filter inside of it.
6. Pour the last six (6) quarts of water around the edges of the closed mesh filter bag.
7. Allow the coffee to steep for 24-hours.

*Click on photos for image description.


After 24-hours Have Passed…

1. Pick up the closed mesh filter bag. Allow about 90 percent of the liquid to drip out of the bag. You may have to squeeze the bag in order to accomplish this.
2. Do not place the mesh bag back into the bucket. Instead, untie/open, and discard the paper filter and coffee grounds. Remember, the mesh bag is re-useable, but not the paper filter.
3. The iced coffee is ready to be served!

Serving Iced Coffee…

– Fill the customer’s cup to the brim with ice.
– Use a 2:1 ratio for the amount of coffee to pour into the cup. For example, a 12oz. cup will require 6oz. of cold brewed coffee.
– Allow a small amount of room for milk. (if requested)

A lot of people will use shortcuts to brew what they think is “iced coffee.” By following the process outlined here, you will be preparing the perfect summer drink for your customers to enjoy. It is a process, but one that will provide you with a great product cup after cup!

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to give us a call at 510-287-5200 or send us an email at

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