SF Weekly Article: The Perfect Five Minute Drip Coffee at Home

We had the pleasure of hosting Peter Kane from SF Weekly back in April and he wrote this nice piece about his visit.  Enjoy!

The Mr. Espresso family at the Mr. Espresso facility in Oakland, Ca. Sept. 4, 2013.  Photo by Nader Khouri

“Third Wave coffee has done a good job at closing the door behind it, leaving companies like Peet’s and that one with the mermaid to seem like lumbering giants better at pushing dark-roast concoctions on malls in Orinda rather cultivating a purer appreciation of coffee. It’s patently untrue, of course: Peet’s was founded in Berkeley, and Blue Bottle clearly has galactic-conquest aspirations. But the battle lines are drawn. Small-scale roastery Mr. Espresso doesn’t easily map onto them, having been roasting beans over oak in Oakland since 1978 for high-end cafes such as Coffee Bar and restaurants such as Perbacco or flour + water. I got the chance to look at the facility and glean some wisdom from a family-run business devoted to yielding the perfect Neapolitan cup as flawlessly as any temple to coffee on Valencia Street.”

To read the rest of the article, click here:  http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2014/04/home-brewing_coffee_with_mr_es.php



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