Ethiopia Kochere Aricha Scores 94 Points on

CR_2013_94This month the Coffee conducted a tasting of Natural Processed coffees from Ethiopia and Yemen: “Dried-in-the-Fruit Refinement: Ethiopia and Yemen Naturals – November 2013

As you may already know, we currently offer a “natural process” Ethiopian (Kochere Aricha Yirgacheffe) and we submitted the coffee for the review. We’re pleased to report that the coffee did very well, and received an outstanding score of 94 points —the 2nd highest score in the review!

At a price of $12.10 per 12 oz bag, this coffee offers an incredible value when compared to our competion in the review – which contained coffees priced as high as $65 and $28 for the same amount of coffee.

Congratulations to John Di Ruocco and our Production Team on buying, profiling, and roasting the coffee that received this recognition.  We’ve always felt our product is one of the best, but it makes it that much better when our efforts are validated by industry experts.

See the full review here.

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