We've been proudly featuring Fair Trade/Organic coffees since 1999 and throughout that time we've developed longstanding relationships with a number of co-ops that provide us with exemplary coffee year after year.

Organic DR Congo SOPACDI

Tsheya , Kivu

This coffee comes to you from SOPACDI, a cooperative consisting of 3200 farmers in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are the first and only cooperative in this area to be certified Fairtrade and this year’s crop is now certified Organic as well. With altitudes ranging from 1460m to over 2000m, their coffee has achieved the top national Kivu 2 grade which has not been accomplished since 1967.

No markets have been available for these coffees for decades. Farmers previously resorted to smuggling coffee across Lake Kivu to Rwanda at great risk or selling it to smugglers at a low price. In 2002, Joachim Munganga founded SOPACDI as a means to quell ethnic strife and to reach the international specialty coffee market. Today with a growing membership, these farmers from various ethnic groups have joined forces to improve their families’ lives and communities through producing high quality coffee.

This warming coffee contains notes of baked apple and pear, cinnamon, clove, and brown sugar.

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Organic Bolivia Cenaproc

Caranavi , Yungas

Organic/Fair Trade
Grown by the Cenaproc Co-op in the Yungas region of Bolivia, this has become one of our favorite coffees, having purchased it for eight consecutive years. This is an intense coffee roasted very dark, yet just shy of french roast, it has good body, low acid and a delicate sweet-smoky flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla.

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Organic French Roast

Fair Trade/Organic
This is our darkest Fair Trade/Organic certified blend. We thoughtfully selected the coffees that make up this blend in order to maintain some of their individual aroma and flavor attributes while standing up to the intensity of the unique way that we roast them. The result is a dark roasted coffee with sweetly smoky flavor, light body and just a glimmer of lemony citrus notes; a perfect way to ease into your morning and a great compliment to an evening meal.

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Organic Golden Gate Espresso Blend

Fair Trade/Organic
Whether approaching by sea or from within the San Francisco Bay the Golden Gate straight imbues a sense of magic and wonder. The stunning landscapes and picture perfect sunsets inspired us here at Mr. Espresso to create a blend that attempts to capture its grace and majesty. Cocoa powder, sweet caramel and fruit toned acidity seamlessly blend together to create our homage to this wonder of nature.

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Organic Guatemala Guaya’b

Jacaltenengo , Huehuetenango

Fair Trade/Organic
Guaya’b is a cooperative of over 300 indigenous Mayan and Quichua farming families in the region of Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango. Since the introduction of coffee into the Jacaltenango region 40 years ago natural habitats, flora and fauna have slowly made a comeback from the once de-forested land. The recreation of the natural habitat has allowed for the reduction of soil erosion, restored natural habits and given the coffee crops a lush canopy that allows them to ripen slowly. Rich & delicately fruity; you’ll experience a thought provoking brew that begins with a chewy, chocolaty body that develops into a strawberry jaminess infused with deeper, bright fruit tones that suggest currant and raspberry.

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Organic Mexico Cuatro Hermanos

La Concordia , Chiapas

Fair Trade/Organic
Situated deep in the interior folds of the Southern Sierra Madre Mountains in Chiapas, Mexico is the coffee growing cooperative of Ramal Santa Cruz. Among this multitude of coffee farms lies the home of Augustin Sanchez Espinoza. He and his 3 brothers all farm together on adjacent parcels of land. The farms of the Brothers Sanchez are at the upper reaches of viable coffee cultivation, starting at 1600 meters and topping at just over 1800 meters, the highest of all coffee grown in the cooperative. The family began planting coffee on the land in the early 1970s and many of the original plants are still producing.The majority of the coffee is Tipica and Bourbon with a scattering of more recently planted Caturra.

The coffee from these 4 brothers and their farm is the coffee that makes up our Mexico Fair Trade Organic Ramal Santa Cruz “Cuatro Hermanos". This year we have the pleasure to introduce you to the 2012 crop from this group of producers. From the beginning, when the molasses, soft-toned cinnamon and nutmeg-like spices greet you as you grind the beans, to your fist sip of flavors that suggest Brazil nut, caramel, green grape, and lime zest. ” You will enjoy this extraordinarily sweet, smooth, full bodied coffee from the Cuatro Hermanos.

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Organic Neapolitan Espresso

Fair Trade/Organic
Our goal with Organic Neapolitan was to create an espresso blend that contained similar attributes as our conventional Neapolitan using only coffees that are Fair Trade certified and grown organically. Complex, intense and rich in both flavor and aroma Organic Neapolitan Espresso is the perfect balance of taste and social responsibility.

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Organic Seven Bridges Blend (formerly Organic Special Blend)

Fair Trade/Organic
A blend of Fair Trade and organic certified coffees. Seven Bridges Blend is a velvety bodied blend with depth and a complex, multilayer flavor dynamic. A favorite among customers and chefs alike, this blend can be found at some of the finest dining establishments around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Organic Decaffeinated Blend

Water processed/Fair Trade/Organic
Modeled after our Organic Seven Bridges Blend, this blend has all the positive characteristics of the Organic Seven Bridges Blend without the caffeine. A good alternative for after dinner enjoyment or simply for those who are caffeine sensitive. The blend is 99.9% caffeine free.

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Organic Decaffeinated Espresso

Water Processed
The challenge in creating a blend that reflects the ideal characteristics of a truly delicious espresso is too often compounded by the availability and quality of the decaffeinated coffees on the market. Organic Decaffeinated Espresso is a challenge met. Thick, golden crema, cocoa-caramel aromatics that follow through into the cup with distinct, yet subtle fruit notes. Perfectly balanced in milk drinks and alive with flavor as a straight shot.

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