Faema’s New Milk Steaming Technology: Auto Steam Milk4™

We are always excited by Faema’s new technology advancements.

Their latestAuto Steam Milk4will roll out in December.

We are in awe of this automatic espresso coffee machine made for a barista. Equipped with a micro-processor for easy programming of coffee and hot water dosage, this machine is going to make a huge difference to your espresso program!



Faema Mr Espresso









The Auto Steam Milk4is a steam wand that works like the standard Auto Steam™, dispensing steam mixed with air. But this wand goes a step further by also allowing the barista to control temperature and emulsion at the push of a button, based on their 4 preset preferences.

The resulting milk cream is dense and of consistent quality!

Faema Mr Espresso









Perfect Milk—Hands Free—at the Push of a Button!!! Watch the video and see for yourself.


New Faema machines featuring this latest technology are the Teorama and the Emblema:

  • Equipped with 1 standard steam wand and 1 Auto Steam Milk4 froth and heat milk without manual intervention (programmed for 4 different milk recipes).
  • 1 hot water wand (dosed delivery).
  • Advanced electronics: When equipped with the special kit supplied with the Wireless grinder-doser, the machine connects via Bluetooth with the grinder-doser itself to report any adjustments of the grinding and dose which are performed automatically.
  • USB port to update the machine’s software, download data and / or configuration of the recipes via USB.
  • Eco-technological solutions such as reduction in product waste and energy saving features.

faema mr espresso



In addition to the AutoSteam4 feature, both the Teorema and Emblema espresso machines come equipped with Faema’s Thermal Balancing System™, which allows for precise temperature calibration on each group head independently.


faema mr espresso



Both machines also feature Faema’s Smart Boiler Technology™, which greatly increases hot water and steam capacities, while ensuring greater thermal stability at the group head, for consistent espresso quality even during peak output.

At the same time, this boiler offers energy savings of 21% due to special insulation materials that reduce daily heat loss.






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