Our Trio of Regional Italian Espresso

Mr. Espresso Coffee Blends

Our Italian Espresso Trio’s are blended and named to reflect 3 distinct regional preferences. Mr. Espresso’s oak wood roasting method yields a distinctive advantage in achieving the classic espresso profile; inspired by their heritage, the Di Ruocco Family has skillfully mastered this time-honored technique to create a collection of three Italian espressos.  These contemporary yet classically inspired blends honor the distinct regional preferences of Campania (Neapolitan Espresso), Toscana (Tuscan Espresso), and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Triestino Espresso).

“Espresso Triestino” refers to Trieste, Italy – which is the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region Northeast Italy.  The Port of Trieste is Italy’s and one of Europe’s great coffee ports, supplying more than 40% of Italy’s coffee.  The Triestino Espresso has a smooth body and creamy mouthfeel, with a rich nut-toned cocoa flavor accented by lively fruit notes.

The “Tuscan Espresso” refers to the region of Tuscany, Italy – which is known for its role as the birthplace of the Renaissance, simple yet wonderful cuisine, and a wine producing region to which the Napa Valley is often compared to for both quality and beauty.  Our Tuscan Espresso possesses a rich chocolate flavor, stunning aromatics, and a sweet, resonant finish.

And of course, our classic “Neapolitan Espresso” recalls the classic Southern Italian style of espresso consumed in the region of Campania, from where the Di Ruocco family hails and gains inspiration for their signature blend.  The Neapolitan Espresso expresses flavors of bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut, with a slight smokiness and caramel finish.

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